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In 2019, Te Hā o Te Mokopuna was established to provide input and practice advice toward the collective development of share policies and procedures that would meet the Oranga Tamariki National Care Standards and Related Matter Regulations 2018. These standards were introduced on 1 July 2019. The roopū also ensured that the collective policies aligned with the values and tikanga of Ngāti Kahungunu. The ultimate aim of the roopū is to ensure that services delivered meet the needs of mokopuna in care.

In developing the collective policies Te Hā o te Mokopuna identified shortfalls in the cultural legislation 7AA which impacted our progression. THe legislation does not go far enough to support culturally appropriate services for whānau or align with the values and tikanga of Ngāti Kahungunu. The collective policy work was paused until this could be addressed.

In 2020, Te Hā o te Mokopuna expanded the scope of it's mahi to:

  • Develop a Ngāti Kahungunu cultural framework to overarch provider amhi, policy and procedures, and whānau, hapū, and iwi engagements. This framework would supercede the 7AA legislation regarding cultural definitions.

  • Redefine care and care giver, including recruitment, training, and way of working.

  • Appyly models of care that are aligned to our new cultural framework

  • Redefine quality assurance and how it's measured and evidenced across the collective [internally, peer to peer, and externally].

  • Explore options for whānau, hapū, and iwi as 'providers' of their own services.

Te Hā o te Mokopuna continues on the journey to reshaping how Oranga Tamariki services and resources are delivered to meet the needs of mokopuna, whānau, hapū, and iwi.

No other organisations may use this manual without prior approval of the Te Hā o te Mokopuna roopū.

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